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Mark Rhodes Furniture & Kitchen Maker & Woodwork Courses - Norfolk

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Contact Info     Landline: 01263 577860 Mobile: 07765 861219

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I like to come and visit the client at their home, it gives me a chance to talk through with the client their plans for what they require, and to discuss their budget, within which I will be expected to design and work.  This also gives me a chance to take measurements, and show the client timber samples and the different types of natural finishes I use.

There are a great many reasons for commissioning a piece of furniture  to mark an anniversary or birthday, a wedding gift, or to perhaps provide a focal point for your home or office. I am happy to talk through all your options.

I also like working with clients who would like me to make something from timber from a tree of their own. Commissioning me to make you a piece of furniture from your own tree is a process that can take in excess of two years, from deciding upon its use and design to selecting and seasoning the timber.

For more information about commissions or to make an appointment to talk with me please go to the contact page or simply give me a call 01263 577680 – 07765 861219

I have spent over twenty years making traditional and contemporary furniture, and I am very capable of providing both to suit all tastes.



I like to use mainly native  and European timbers.

Timber selection is something I am very passionate about, having obtained this knowledge from my grandfather many years previously.  I always select the timber myself for every project, that way I can be sure of continuous grain or book-matching.

I have recently started to buy whole logs and convert them to usable timber, this way I can be sure the timber for the piece all comes from the same log.


The Making Process. 

Because of the very nature of bespoke furniture the vast majority of the work needs to be done by hand, with only initial timber preparation and rough shaping done by machine.

All commissions are made to last for generations.  Combine this with good design and there is no reason that your great grand children cannot benefit from your investment.