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Childs Four Poster Bed

Childs Four Poster Bed by Norfolk Cabinet Maker Mark Rhodes.


My Child to be exact, I normally get the odd day between jobs where I usually tidy the workshop and do all the tasks that are required when running a small shop.  So I thought I would make a start on my own daughters’ four poster bed a few months ago, what with one thing and another It has taken me about four months to complete.

I did buy some longer lengths of timber to do the legs and side rails, but all the rest is from scraps that I had laying around.  My wife designed this bed with a little bit of input from my daughter Grace, and has a bit of a Moroccan feel.  All of the soft furnishing bits will be done by my wife and my mum, and I will update with more pictures when that is complete.  But for now here is my childs four poster bed made in Sycamore.






Thats all for now, thanks for looking.



5 Responses on “Childs Four Poster Bed

  1. Jeff says:

    Beautiful design and work. Sycamore is really a handsome wood.

  2. Mark says:

    Thank you Jeff, Sycamore is my favorite timber at the moment.

  3. Tim Raleigh says:

    Looks great. When it’s all done up, I am sure your daughter will love going to sleep, and imagining she’s a princess in a far away land.
    She’ll have great memories of this when she gets older

    1. Mark says:

      Thanks Tim, Grace loves the bed, and informs me that her friends need one when they come to stay….

      How did you get on with the Makers Mark man?

      1. Tim Raleigh says:

        I did finally get one made by Makers Mark. They do a good job. After a bit of a rough start, (my fault) it arrived in the post more or less when he said it would.
        I would attach a photo of it here but I am not sure I can so I will take a nice “mood” shot and send it to you.
        I would definitely recommend Makers Marks for anyone who is interested.
        Thanks again for your reference.
        Take care.

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