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Roubo Workbench.

So I decided to jump on the Split top Roubo workbench buzz, I’m fortunate to have timber left over after large jobs that I put to one side and save up until there is enough to make something with.  So after about ten jobs and five years I finally had enough timber to make a new workbench.  I thought about many different designs, Scandinavain, English, Shaker, etc. But I finally settled on a split top Roubo as it looked to be the best design for my purposes. As I use handtools and power tools, I need something that I can plane and cut joinery on, and it should be able to hold work firmly for power tool applications.




Also decided to go with the Benchcrafted wagon vice, mainly as my old tail vice suffers from droop..




grain of the top came out nice.




Goes well with the cherry of the lie nielsens.




If you are considering a new workbench this could be the one for you.









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