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>Workshop Floor.

>Having seen some amazing workshop tours in the past, it must be very comforting to know that when you place a cabinet on the floor it will need minimal levelling before you can shoot the doors in ready for hanging. I’ve worked in one cabinet shop in the past where this was the case, and what a luxury it is. Now if you have been reading this Blog you will know that my currant floor in my assembly area is far from level, so today I decided to do something about a small portion of this. I need a longish run for placing wardrobes on, I have quite a few to do so I don’t want to keep checking they are level when I’m assembling them.

Here is the offending floor…

And here is the solution, I haven’t insulated as I would need to do the whole floor(not an option at present). I’ve placed the battens at 300mm centres with the folding wedges about the same. I’ve screwed through the battens into the concrete, and hot melt glued the folding wedges to the battens to stop them shifting.  

Here’s the finished article, it now gives me a level area that measures 4.8m(16ft)x1.2m(4ft).
It was also a good opportunity for Luke to have a go at scribing a front fascia piece to tidy it up, better for him to practice on this than an actual panel for a client. As you can see not to bad for a first attempt, but he does need to take a bit more time next time. He’s very enthusiastic, and I need to slow him down sometimes. 
I’m very happy with this little improvement, and should speed things up a bit with one less thing to worry about.  What with my nice level setting out bench, and my level floor I feel spoilt.
Thanks for looking. 

2 Responses on “>Workshop Floor.

  1. Matt says:

    >Nice one mate. You just have to avoid stacking timber on there now 🙂

  2. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Cheers mate, I've got 60cuft coming this week… think I might need a container:-)

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