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>Timber Store.

>I recently bought a house, and one of the things that got left behind was a 16’x8′ shed/garage. I’ve decided that it will make a good temporary timber store, and if it lasts me a couple of years I will be happy. I was going to buy a shipping container for this purpose, but when this shed came up I thought what the heck I’ll use this. It’s cost me about £20 for some 2×2 sawn to replace all the bottom bearers that were shot to bit’s, a mornings work to get it down,  and re-erect.

I haven’t had a chance yet to rack it out, but will be doing so next week. Anyway here’s what it looked like before.

So a little bit rough, and ready. Transported and worked on the back of a trailer..

You might be able to see the rotten bottom bearers…if you look carefully.

And in it’s new home next to my workshop.

I’ve placed the whole thing on pallets so air can circulate underneath, I’m having racks both sides, and a centre walkway made from ply. I’m also thinking of keeping sheet stock in there to free up some space in my workshop. As you can see there’s still a bit of work to do, and I need to treat it with some kind of preservative. But not bad for a mornings work and a little money, plus it will give me some much needed space back in the workshop. Thanks for looking.

4 Responses on “>Timber Store.

  1. Matt says:

    >Nice one. One of the best things i've done is buying a container for timber storage. Sadly the stores are pretty depleted after going through 3 cube of Oak in the past 4 months.

  2. Mark Rhodes says:

    >3 cubic foot, in four months…wow you have been busy.

    All joking aside this shed gives me an extra 768cuft of storage. I looked at a few shipping containers, and they were quite expensive ranging from £500 for dog rough, to £1200 for not so. But I will be on the lookout for one in the future, as I was thinking of keeping a wallsaw and some sheets in it.

  3. Paul-Marcel says:

    >Exterior lumber storage is something I'd love! Get so much of my garage shop back! Someday, an awning on the side of the house, but not gonna build it in Arizona summer (-only- 100F today).

    I like the idea of a shipping container. Since two of you mentioned it, is it pretty common on your side of the pond?

  4. Mark Rhodes says:

    >They are fairly common for storage over here Paul, they are generally used as secure storage for tools on building sites, also they are converted into offices too. They are just a great ready made safe storage facility, saying that I'm not so sure they would be great for timber storage after a very cold spell, I have a feeling that there would be a lot of condensation internally.

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