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>The robe’s continue.

>           So onto the walk in wardrobes… here are the floor to nearly the ceiling doors in dry fit. The Oak is really clean, and very mild to plane by hand.

Got the cornice moulded, there is some nice ray pattern on the face side.

The little chunky doors glued up.

I then made a start on the face frames for the taller doors, these are having a bead all round which needs to be mitred on the rail and stile intersection. Here I am using a 2″ Ashley Iles chisel to knock the corner off ready to meet the stile.

Close up of the finished joint.

Then onto the stile, I cut the bead off by hand as there are only four.

Cut the waste off.

Then mitre with chisel.

Brings me to the finished joint.

The face frame is then duly glued up on my flat and level bench.

Close up of the finished joint.
Onto the hinges, I’m using a jig for the router to follow.

After routing.

Clean the corner waste out using my Ashley Iles corner chisel.

All the hinge mortices cut, quick try for a fit.

Tall doors glued up and final light sand.

Onto the face frames for the wall cabinets, dominoed out to start.

From both sides.

All lined up with sacrificial block.

Morter cutter into the router, this is pretty much how Jonnyd(from woodworkuk) does it, except I thought I would gang mine together.

Using a guide cramp I just run them through, next time I won’t cut them to length first but keep them long so there is more for the router to run on.
Which bring’s me to here, ready to fit to the cabinets tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.

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