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>Some Nice Timber

>I had to drop off the fire surround today, which is very close to a timber yard.  Well I have an order for a table coming up soonish, so thought I would buy some timber for this, and some for stock.  For the table I want the top to be book-matched, so need to use a timber yard that still has its own sawmill, and that cuts its own timber. Here is the timber I have selected for the top.

They are quite pippy, and I can get a length of 72″ with a width of about 28″ and a finished thickness of a 1 1/4″. I will need to plane these by hand, because my machines can only handle 12″, and these boards are 15″. I don’t want to split them if I can avoid it, but might need to to get them flat. If I do this then I will process them through my machines.
These are the boards I picked for stock(although I’m thinking of making another table to sell).
These aren’t booked matched as they sit on my bench. As you can see, it is brown Oak. Here is an extract from John Boddy Timber to explain why it becomes brown in colour.
This is a very unusual characteristic obtained from a Native or European Oak tree, which has been attacked by the Beef-Steak fungus (Fistulina hepatica), it gains entry to the wood through an open wound where a limb has been blown off. Unlike many fungi which cause serious decay and eventually kill the a tree, the beef- steak fungus simply extracts enough nourishment for itself, and the wood is stained by the chemical changes occur. Some specimen trees also show brown penetrating from the tree root. This is particularly apparent in park grown trees. It is a highly prized and valuable timber, and most trees are cut into veneer.
Fortunately the timber yard I went to today was not that interested in this timber being brown, and because its very pippy they don’t see it as having any value. I paid £40 for all these boards that I’ve shown you, and the brown timber is 2″ thick. As soon as I’m paid for the fire surround, I’m going back to buy a lot more.

2 Responses on “>Some Nice Timber

  1. Matt says:

    >At that price i'd be buying all the stock they have mate!
    We have similar tastes on design i think Mark, one of the reasons i've bought such a wide planer and thicknesser is so i can process wider planks without splitting them. Keep up the great blog.

  2. Mark Rhodes says:

    >I know, dirt cheap, I just said to the guy "I'll be back". They have some 4" brown too, he reckons it's been in the shed for over 10 years, and some nice walnut(he knows this is valuable).
    As soon as I've got the dollar I want to upgrade to a bigger p/t like you've just done, for the same reason, maybe not quite as big…

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