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>Rosewood and burr Walnut jewellery box.

>OK so I know I said it would be traditional, but as usual I’m not that organised. First off I couldn’t find the pearl glue, it’s in the shop somewhere I know it is. Then I realised I had run out of gas to heat the glue up with, so I need to get this done soonish(wife’s birthday). I just don’t have the time to run to the suppliers or wait for a delivery, so the box will be done with what’s on hand.

I thought I would look for some suitable veneers in my store first, see what look’s nice together.

I liked the rosewood for the outside.

I had a look at this burr(madrone?) I had for the inside.

But decided against in the end and went with a simply figured walnut burr. I will be using the Madrone for the top(I think).

This is a close up of the Indian rosewood.
I cleaned all the quarter-sawn oak that I will be using for my grounds.

Followed by a going over with the toothing plane, this helps the veneer and glue stick to my grounds of oak.

Close up of the planes mouth showing the iron.

This is how the finished surface looks, I am toying with the idea of going over my entire bench with this plane, for improved grip(I believe this is how the French treat their benchs).

Noticed a couple of the teeth are broken, I tried to hollow grind them out but the steel is very hard(cast), so this will take a bit longer than I had today.

Indian Rosewood blank for the lippings.
Glued the middle lippings in place before veneering.

I used a PU glue for this

Quick rough up with the toothing plane.

And onto the veneering, I’m using titebond II for this, with an ancient printers press(ideal for small boxes).

Thats the front and back pressed.

Followed by the two ends, I just used some MDF platens for these. That was it for today, will try to get some more done in the evenings this week, gotta do some site work this week so won’t get much workshop time.
Thanks for looking.

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