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>Rosewood and burr Walnut jewellery box II

>I have managed to get half a day on this today, after finishing my site work early. I really need to get cracking with this box, as it was my wife’s birthday yesterday(I did buy her another gift), and would like to surprise her.

Here is my 45 degree shooting board, made about 15yrs ago, and still spot on.

Close up on the 45 degree shooting board.

This is the result, a nice 45.

I am using quarter sawn oak grounds throughout, this panel will become the top.

Dry run of the sides and back.

Detail of the light coloured burr walnut interior.

Ready for the glue up, I have rebated(rabbeted) the bottom of the sides for a veneered panel, this will be covered on the external side with baize. I have mitred the top of the sides to receive the top. 

Glue up time, the cramps are there for thier weight really, as the masking tape does a very good job.
I didn’t get a picture of the veneering of the top, but the veneer I selected is a very attractive burr of unknown timber, looks, feels, and smells like mahogany(I’ve never seen mahogany burr before however). But I’m puzzled as to what it is, any ideas? I really hope to cut the box in two next week, and make a start on the interior, reminds me I must order the hardware, Thanks for looking.

2 Responses on “>Rosewood and burr Walnut jewellery box II

  1. Paul-Marcel says:

    >Nice work on the box, Mark. Love you 45º miter jig, too. I'll be making one soon 🙂

  2. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Cheers, it's well worth having the jig, I had one for doing 22.5º too, haven't seen that for a while though.

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