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>Oak Wardrobes

>Got a bit of progress on these today starting with the doors, I’ve done all the mortices, and tenons. Then I tried all the joints for a dry fit, and for nice grain matching. I have to say that the Oak boards Boddys sent me are superb, with a really prominent medullary ray fleck pattern on 90% of the boards. I think Oak has to be one of my all time favourite timbers to work with, it planes well, joinery is crisp, and it looks stunning when a finish is applied.

These are the boards I’ve selected for the door panels, you can’t see from this picture, but these boards are lush, with no interlocking grain, and a heavy ray fleck pattern.

So after a bit of machining the figure can be seen quite clearly. The T and A that you can just make out in pencil is for when I shoot the edges on the jointer. Towards the fence and away, no matter how square you think your fence is, chances are you are 0.25 of a degree out(ish), and this method cancels out your accumulative error.  

These panels are now all glued up, ready to be cut to size for the next step.

Which is a hand planed finish, the clients wanted a cottage feel to their bedroom, so I suggested having all the timber hand planed, and when done you will feel the slight camber from my plane blade when you run your fingers across the panels, much nicer than a sanded surface. 

That’s as far as I got today, should have all the doors glued up tomorrow, and I hope to make a start on the face frames. Thanks for looking.

3 Responses on “>Oak Wardrobes

  1. Jeff Branch says:

    >Beautiful lumber. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Alex Comes says:

    >That is some lovely looking oak.

  3. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Thanks Jeff, this timber is truly beautiful. If I'd known it was going to be this good, I would of ordered more for myself, I love having nice timber in my racks.

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