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Oak Floating Shelves.

Oak Floating Shelves by Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes.


Myself and my wife both do not like wall cabinets in a kitchen and feel they close a room down, however they do provide storage which is essential in a kitchen.   My solution to this problem is Oak floating shelves, they provide storage, that can be attractive when filled with all the different coloured food in Kilner jars that would otherwise be hidden away behind doors, and of course don’t close a room down like wall cabinets.


I have used some character Oak for this pair of shelves, that I have had in stock for a while, I didn’t feel this Oak could be used on a clients piece but is fine for this kind application where 95% is not seen.  I had some time this weekend and thought it high time I did something about our storage problem in our own kitchen.  Thanks for looking.

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