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>Oak Fire Surround again!

>I knew for most of the day I would be at the spindle/shaper today, so I locked the doors, turned the stereo up, took the phone off the hook, and concentrated on the job at hand. This is the machine I have the utmost respect for, one mistake on here, means at best a ruined work-piece, at worst a ruined hand. So I don’t mess about, I check, then check again, and probably check again after all the other checking….did I mention to check the spindle. I didn’t take too many photos of this, I needed all my concentration. The first process is to run off half this moulding on three edges, front and two sides. The front is relatively easy, it’s a matter of running it past the hand manglers..ahem I mean cutters, for the moulding to take shape . The ends need to go onto the sliding table, now this is the first time I’ve used it. So I probably spent 1/2 hr getting this set up and running smoothly, I love my sedgwick SM4, but it is a very basic machine and needs fine fettling for this sort of operation(well mine does). I have one chance with this particular moulding, one break in concentration, it’s another trip to the timber yard for me, and a loss of earnings. So I tentatively ran the ends past for the first time, all is well. Then another round of setting up the spindle(and more checking), so I crossed my fingers for the last time, and moulded the mantle for the last time. Happy days it turned out spot on, and I didn’t mess it up.

I’m making a kind of hollow box underneath the mantle, mainly so I can fix everything together easier. This will be made from Veneered oak face MDF, and have an applied moulding to the front to tie it into the mantle.

Here’s the offending moulding, the rebate is a provision for the dentil moulding. 

And here’s how the whole thing will look, without the Nashers applied.

Here is how it stood at the end of today, the supports are too bland and need something to take your eye away from their blandness. There will be a moulding around the top and bottom of the split turning too, so that should help no end. I’m starting to doubt the design a little bit(I always do), It can be difficult working on your own sometimes, there is no one to bounce ideas off, or to say that looks good, or that looks dreadful. I’m thinking of having a full size cardboard cutout of Alan Peters(my cabinetmaking hero), so I’ve got someone to talk too and to tell me where I’m going wrong! I think the mantle looks a bit bulky, but the boxy bit can be removed very easily, if the client doesn’t like it. They have OK’d the drawing and the full sized rod. It’s just me having doubt’s!

Whatcha think?

Hello, anybody there?

The other option is for it to look like this, without the cove and dental moulding.

This is what I have decided  for the bland old supports, I might run a scratch detail down the middle too.

I hope to be all finished this week, Thanks for looking.

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