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Oak Bookcase.

Oak Bookcase by Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes.


This Oak bookcase has been keeping me busy for the last week or so, it was fairly straight forward except the middle section.  Which needed to have either a scribed joint, or a masons mitre, I opted for a hand-cut scribed joint, as the carcass could be made whole and the divides could be added after.


The divides are made from two laminated pieces of 18 mm birch ply, which have been mitered at the intersection and strengthened with dominos on the joint. The whole middle section has been screwed together, with any that are seen filled with a contrasting timber, in this case ebony.  Below you can see a close up on the hand-cut scribe joint, and you may be able to tell that the oak has been cleaned up with a hand plane, a Lie Nielsen No4 in this case.

The setting for this piece is a mezzanine floor above the kitchen, with a large two story window facing it.  I thought it might be nice if all the edges and corners create shadows to show different light as you walk past.  I have angled the cornice to follow the 45 degree edge of the end upright.  This was cleaned up with a plane before gluing to the 19 mm Oak veneered MDF, there are a number of pine glue blocks behind to add strength to this structure which of course is all one piece.

The whole Oak Bookcase together and fitted in situ.

Once the carpet has been fitted and the shelves dressed, I will get my friend Thomas to take some better quality pictures, Thanks for looking.

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