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Mark Rhodes Furniture & Kitchen Maker & Woodwork Courses - Norfolk

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Norfolk Cabinet Maker Mark Rhodes.

Norfolk Cabinet Maker Mark Rhodes.

Hello everyone, my name is Mark Rhodes I have been a Cabinet Maker working in Norfolk since I left school in 1989, and before that I was a hobbyist clinging to my cabinet maker grandfather’s glue smeared apron strings.  It was largely his influence that sent me on this path, most of all working with him in his tiny shed at the bottom of the garden.  I knew once I had smelled hide glue mixed with his tobacco smoke, and seen all the wonderful different timbers he was using I was hooked.  I guess if I counted the years before I was Apprenticed at 16, I have been a woodworker for 27 yrs.   I have had a very varied hand tool apprenticeship which I am forever grateful.  This Blog will mainly be about my day to day life as a Cabinet Maker working on his own in his 15th century flint built barn, there will be photo’s and videos of techniques that I use, as well as my thoughts on various hand tools, and hand tool techniques that I use.   There will be unbiased tool reviews on hand tools and power tools that I have used for a minimum of a year. Please let me know if this is something that interests you also?  I have thought about starting this Blog for a while now, as a way of getting my business more noticed on line. However I have decided this will not be an extension of my website, and it will be my thoughts throughout the day as I work as a professional cabinet maker only. Here are some examples of the work I do.
So as you can see, quite varied work.  Thanks for looking.

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