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Festool New Toys…

Festool New Toys.

I’ve been looking for a quicker and cleaner way to sand all my face timbers for some time, and with out splashing out on a decent wide belt sander I decided to take a look at the festool route. I consulted the gods at woodworkuk, Plus I checked out Paul-Marcel’s site and got an idea of what’s going to fit in with me. I decided upon a rotex 150. Also last week while fitting the ash robes, my trusty Bosch jigsaw finally gave up the ghost after 15yrs service, so with a 7% price increase soon I thought what the hey, and stumped up for the two at the same time. I trundled out this morning to a delivery driver handing me this little lot…..

I’ve had a bit of a play with this today, and I’m very impressed so far. It just seems so much more efficient than my old belt sander, plus my orbital. I’ve been sanding the shelves on the sycamore wardrobes I’m making,  they have come up dreamy, and in about half the time it would normally take. Anyone who hasn’t got one…get one immediately, you won’t be disappointed.

I haven’t had a chance to play with this as of yet, but I was sceptical to say the least. There have been many things said about this jigsaw, I’m just hoping they have ironed out the wrinkle’s by now, fingers crossed hey.

I bought the set, so I have all these to play with on site.(wonder if I will use them?)

I have no idea what this is for, and because I’m a man I haven’t looked at the destructions yet! The end seems to fit where the blade goes into the body, anyone know? Or is it just a flash keyring….

And the festool god’s were with me again, when at then bottom of the box was this rather cool workshop clock.

Oh and I managed to get these knocked up too, these are the carcases for a Sycamore wardrobe I’m making.

Anyway thanks for a bit of a gloat, I will post a few progress shot’s on these in the coming days. Cheers.

6 Responses on “Festool New Toys…

  1. Darnell says:

    >I'm interested to hear your opinions on the Carvex. Its introduction in Canada has been delayed.
    Have you figured out what the keychain does yet?

  2. Mark Rhodes says:

    >I've been cutting 2 by stock redwood today, about 20 cuts, it performed very well. I was surprised how square it was cutting, to be honest, certainly better than anything I've used previous.
    I haven't worked out what the key thingy is yet??

  3. Jeff Branch says:

    >It used to be that Delta was the premier brand in woodworking power tools (at least over here). Now Festool is like the BMW of power tools. Even the storage case is cool. I am drooling over your purchase.

  4. Alviti says:


  5. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Lol guys, I just love this festool gear, it really is a cut above the rest. Joking aside I mistakenly thought they were a bit of a rip off, but they really improve my work-flow. The quicker pieces are going out the door, the better for me and my family. Plus they are just a joy to use, and very intuitive, they feel like an extension of my arms sometimes. I will do a review of the jigsaw soon I think…the rotex has been done a few times now.

  6. Paul-Marcel says:

    >Ohh, very nice, Mark! I'm jealous of the Carvex 🙂 Definitely want your review when you get a chance. The Trion is a nice jigsaw, too, but I'm told the Carvex is even better.

    Glad to hear, too, that you liked them so much. I'd have felt badly if you said you saw my reviews, bought them, then thought they were crap! LOL

    Welcome to the green slippery slope… I haven't found an antidote.

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