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>New Commission…maybe

>Today when I went over to my existing clients house, to take a couple photos of the blanket chest(they didn’t want it by the way… my wife is over the moon).  But they did call me into the lounge to take a look at their Brandy collection(no I wasn’t asked to test it), now I’ve seen it before plenty of times, and every time I go past it, another bottle seems to appear, so much so, that it’s now full.  Now, I’m not going to pretend to you I know the first thing about Brandy, other than it’s quite nice to drink after a meal. But my client does, and this is part of his pension apparently…confused? me too. I had to ask, I couldn’t help it “is it worth a lot of money then squire”
 “Well  up until last week it was worth £102,000, but my wife dropped a £4000 bottle dusting so now its only £98,000”.  After I had rubbed my jaw better, I asked what he would like me to do to it, he replied “I want a new one but bigger, can you come up with a design and a estimate please”.

“No problems” said I, here’s what I have come up with today, in rough sketch form.

These are, of course very rough round the edges at present, but should give him another third again as much space, whatcha think? 

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