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>My house.

>I thought I owed you all an explanation for the lack of blog posts.

Well the reason I haven’t been blogging for the past few months is simply house renovation, if there is an activity that can consume all the available time that you have, then this is it! I bought my house at a public auction in june and knew it would need total renovation,  it was previously owned by an elderly lady, and there hadn’t been any work done on the property in perhaps 15 years. So with that in mind I set out a plan of what needed doing and where to start, all walls that were to be knocked down were duly knocked down, electrics, plastering, new central heating, and other assorted time consuming activities followed. Now I’ve more or less finished, there is just a A4 page of snags to be rectified at the weekend.
    I have made my own kitchen, and just have the knobs to fit. The budget didn’t quite stretch to making my own work-tops(central heating ate most of the cash), so I bought some ready made ones in, however I have allowed these to be easily removable if I can’t live with them at a later date. Tiles are limestone and were a bit of a challenge to lay, but I got there in the end.

Heres a few snaps of it during construction, and some nearly finished shots too.

                                                Little curved base unit.

Double bank of pan drawers.
And together.
Fitted in situ.
Work-tops fitted, floors laid.

Nearly there, just a few more jobs to go. I will take a picture of the Elm floor that I laid down in the dining room tomorrow, thanks for looking.

5 Responses on “>My house.

  1. Jeff Branch says:

    >I have a number of home improvement projects in the waiting, so I may have to take a vacation from furniture in the near future myself.

    Very nice cabinets and your tile job looks great. I have contemplated installing tile myself and have a number of people who can advise me on it, but I hate the idea of doing it. Nice job.

  2. James says:

    >Nice work! Fantastic color.

  3. Paul-Marcel says:

    >I won't tell you that just prior to catching up on your blog, I was clearing out a room to finish (?!) some of the unfinished remodeling…

    Your house will have the nicest cabinets, that's for certain.

  4. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Thanks guys, sorry for the slow replies, but have only got the internet at my workshop at present, and only just got back to work after the hols.

  5. Tim Raleigh says:

    >Beautiful cabinets and nice floor.
    I have a renewed appreciation for floor guys after having tiled my hall and kitchen with some 45cm square tiles. Those things are heavy, especially after you back butter them.

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