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>Little Repair

>Its not always making fine furniture and fittings you know! As I work for myself, I very rarely say no to these little jobs. Generally because they can be dropped onto when I’m waiting for glue to dry, and you never know when these little jobs might lead onto bigger jobs. This one has been in my workshop for about two weeks waiting for me to get to it. Its a well made footstool, with all hand cut mortices and tenons. I think it was made by a deceased family member, so has a lot of sentimental value to my client. As you can see the leather seat has perished and given way(wish I’d been there to see that). So first job is to remove all the tacks,  then I can lay out the old seat for a measurement.

The client supplied the leather for the repair this time, its a lovely soft cream hide, and smells lush.

So I go about cutting the leather to size, I use a craft knife, and a good straight edge.

I had to clamp the straight edge down, because the leather kept slipping on my mdf setting out bench.

The leather needs to be folded back on itself, so the edge is less prone to tearing.

Glue to my pencilled line.

Fold back and press.

Leave in the cauls to set over night.

I will probably finish this tomorrow morning, as I had to sand the fire surround, for the rest of the day ready for polishing on Monday. Thanks for looking.

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