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>Little Chunky Side Tables part deux

>OK all wrapped up on these today, barring the polish which I will do tomorrow.

Glue up time.
I’m using a Wurth PU adhesive, mainly for speed but also the strength. I have also used the wudcare product too which is also good.
I only apply the glue to the mortice cheeks, as this glue is very messy(as with all PU’s), and I don’t want to have ton’s of cleaning up to do after the glue has set. I have found with all PU’s that even though you push the majority down to the bottom of the mortice, If you are careful and plunge the tenon into the mortice twice, you get good coverage on the tenon cheeks. This way there is virtually no cleaning up after, which is something to be avoided at all costs with this type of glue, as it could potentially ruin the finish.
There’s me telling you to avoid this at all costs, and what do I do, not but ten minutes later..oh dear.
When you do get PU glue onto your finished surface, the main thing is not to wipe it off at all. I always let it cure fully before even attempting to clean it off, once cured it’s a simple matter of scrapping it off with a sharp chisel then planing or sanding. You must make sure it’s all off, really take a good gander at the area to make sure you have.
Here is my cramping block arrangement, I do not like the oak coming into contact with any metal as the metal could react with the tannins that are present within the oak and could cause a bluish/black stain to appear. It’s also good practice anyway so you don’t mark the work. I will be getting round to making up some blocks that fit on to the sash bar, as it’s much easier than trying to faff with four blocks when you are at the gluing up stage.
Because these tables are small enough to fit on to my table saw, I can check that the feet are all touching, and there is no rocking. If the piece won’t fit on the saw you would need a level floor, and you could use some winding sticks as well.
I am going to be using some oak buttons to attach the tops to the bases, You can route these or, as I did with the other one, use a domino. Just make sure you can fit the domino into you base before you glue it up.

This is the bit I used in my router, a 8mm wing cutter.

That’s these two wrapped up and ready for spraying tomorrow.
Thanks for looking.

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