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Lie Nielsen Planes

Lie Nielsen Planes.

I’ve been somewhat sceptical about premium planes for a number of years, thinking they offer the same as a well fettled Stanley or Record. That scepticism was somewhat shattered today when I took delivery of two Lie Nielsen planes, a 60 1/2, and a 042. These are of course based on Stanley, Record, and in turn Preston planes. But Lie Nielsen has tweaked these planes into a different animal altogether.  Now I’ve been using my Stanley/Record planes for close to twenty three years, so after this time I’d like to think I know my way around a hand plane. So today was a bit of a revelation using these two wonderful planes, I feel somewhat silly saying that, after saying in a few thread’s on various woodworking forum’s that my fettled Stanley’s and records are just as good, this is just not true.
I’m trying in my business to finish off as much of my work by hand as possible,  in part to be able to say to clients this is hand-made, and in part because a hand planed finish is so much nicer to achieve than having all the dust floating about. I believe the addition of these two Lie Nielsen Planes, will enable me to do this faster as well as tackle more wilder and attractively grained timbers, instead of perhaps turning to the sander. So after today I have changed my stance, and cannot wait for when I have enough money to purchase a No4….and maybe just a few more.

Oh here’s the evidence…

There maybe no hope for me now.
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12 Responses on “Lie Nielsen Planes

  1. Alex Comes says:

    >In this case, it's good to be hopeless.

  2. Mark Rhodes says:

    >It could be a lost cause now I've had time to play a bit more. I've always seen these planes as a bit of a collectors item, how wrong could I be!

  3. Darnell says:

    >I agree completely, I had no idea how crappy my planes were untill I pushed a L-N. After trying them all out at a tool event I would like to go back in time and make some different decisions.
    If you get the chance to go to one and try out the whole range, you may find you'd prefer a #3 or a #4 1/2 over the #4. I've been coveting a #4 with a 55° frog.

  4. Alviti says:

    >I've always loved the block plane you've brought, one day I might let myself have one. My stanleys are fine for site work but it would always be great to have a second quality set of planes for the workshop.

  5. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Hi Alviti, as you've said the stanleys/records are fine for site work, I will still be using mine for it. But believe me when I say the LN is just so much nicer(better) to use, I will mainly be using it for shooting in cabinet doors next week so that will be its first real test.

  6. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Hey Darnell, I would definitely like to handle a no3 first, I think there's a tool shop that sells them about 60 miles from me, think I might stop by……

  7. Anonymous says:

    >I have a #3, Mark. Mine's a Clifton, which is similar to the LN in that it has a Bedrock frog, and it's one of my favourite planes (after the Clifton #7).

    Cheers 😉

    Paul Chapman

  8. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Hi Paul, I have quite big hands, how is no3 around the handle and tote? I've never seen one in the flesh, but it looks quite small.

  9. Anonymous says:

    >On the LN there isn't much room around the handle. However, the Clifton #3 has far more room and I find it really comfortable to use. My advice would be to try them both before buying. In quality and performance terms I would rate the LN and Clifton about the same.

    Cheers 😉

    Paul Chapman

  10. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Cheers Paul, "Classic hand tools" has the LN, and the Clifton. I think I will pop down and take a look to see which one fits best for me.

  11. Anonymous says:

    >Classic Hand Tools are good – I've bought much of my stuff from them in recent years.

    Cheers 😉

    Paul Chapman

  12. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Glad you have taken the time to check out my Blog Paul….the voice of reason on most forums bud 🙂

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