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Kneehole Desk

Kneehole desk

This is one of two desks that I have to make, I’m doing this one first as the other was ordered at a later date. It will be made from English White Ash to match the two wardrobes I recently made.

Onto the timber I selected for the top, this needs to finish at 1380 mm x 620 mm x 23 mm. This board measures 2.8 m x 305 mm, so should finish at about 600 mm. This means I need to glue a 20 mm piece in and hope to get a good grain match.

All machined up, I shoot the edges in by hand with my Stanley No7. Talking of shooting planes, an old record that I bought from ebay arrived today (I forgot to take pic’s but it seems like good one).

Glue up the top, I’ve used titebond II for this, and left over-nite.

The grain match is good because I can’t see which side it was now.

Onto the carcase sides, there are four to do, and they are to match the window seat I made a few weeks ago. I fielded these on my spindle moulder.

Carcase in dry fit, the gap at the top of the top rail is for a piece of poplar so I can glue the scotia moulding to the carcase.

Both carcases glued up and backs fitted.

Sometimes on my planer, chips collect between the rollers, and can cause a rather large scratch all the way down whatever go’s in.

So out with the iron, and damp cloth.

Quick sand and scratch gone.

Glued up the two pedestals, and centre structure to form the kneehole.


I have fixed the top down with shrinkage plates, to allow the two board top to move when it wants to.


Plinth fixed on, I’m still undecided on weather to make bracket feet, I think I will draw some out and see how its looks.

thanks for looking.

5 Responses on “Kneehole Desk

  1. Jeff says:

    >Very nice. I like everything about your design: two panels per side, the table top edge molding as well as the molding at the base. Looking forward to more.

  2. Paul-Marcel says:

    >Nice work again, Mark. I can't see the mistake so no eagle-eye here.

    Look forward to the rest and when it's with the rest of the goodies.

  3. Darnell says:

    >There are no mistakes, just safety lessons and design opportunities.
    Three pop out cutting boards, perhaps? 🙂

  4. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Thanks guys, the small error is the internal panels extend too far(well and the grain). I'm kind of ignoring it at the moment, but will probably need to do something about it when it comes time to fit the runners.

  5. kev carpenter says:

    >good work as usual, good blog keep it up

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