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Four Poster Canopy Bed

Four poster canopy bed by Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes


Well I have been very busy of late, so busy I have let this blog slip a bit.  But thought I would share this Sycamore four poster canopy bed I have just made for a client in Reedham.  There are some work in progress pictures, and I will update this post when I can find the data cable for my workshop camera.  Anyway here are few finished pictures….


"Reedham Four Poster Bed"

Figured Sycamore Headboard.


When I was discussing the commission with the clients they mentioned that they loved the furniture within Reedham church, and would like me to see it.  I replied that I didn’t need to see it because I had made most of it when I worked for John Barnard.  So with the clients suitably impressed I asked if they would like me to highlight the joinery on the bed with Ebony accents, a dowel here, an inlay there….. yes please they replied.  We then discussed the main timber for the piece, they mentioned that they didn’t want anything dark, and were seeking a very light timber.  Step forward Mr Sycamore, this is about the palest timber native to this country, and can be very attractive when figured like above in the panel on the headboard.


“Carving for wedding date”


This date carving was requested from the clients, so the bed would be unique to them alone.  As you can see above, the grain and colour of the Sycamore is very pale, but still has plenty of character and visual interest.


“Reedham Bed”


The bed itself is held together with invisible bolts, and when I update with work in progress pictures I will show the joint then.  Anyway I’m pleased with how this four poster canopy bed turned out, and thanks for looking.




2 Responses on “Four Poster Canopy Bed

  1. simonm says:

    Glad your posting again, that piece was worth the wait.
    I like the understated design and the ebony pins and mitre veneers.
    How is it finished – it looks like it just came off the plane

  2. Mark says:

    Thank you Simon, it has been planed, lightly sanded with 320g, then a clear satin Hard Wax oil with two coats. I then knocked it back and used some clear paste wax, very simple but keeps the sycamore as white as can be.

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