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>Fire Suround IV


first thing to do this morning, was to get the panel out of the press, and check it was OK. I’ve always worried  when doing panels in a press, because I can’t see what’s going on underneath, I always think there will be a catastrophic failure somewhere on the panel. But today the veneering gods were with me, it turned out nice and flat, and more importantly stuck on.
There was a heck of a lot of cleaning up to do on the mantle supports, but the cabinet scraper made short work of them. 

I then remembered I was picking the turnings up off Johnny Taylor this morning, 1/2 an hour later I was back at the shop. Johnny used only one sheet of newspaper so it didn’t fall apart on his lathe, this made it a bit of a challenge to get them apart without damaging my turnings. I eased a very thin paint scraper along the glue line, and worked my way along until it just popped apart. This left a bit of cleaning up to do, but my No4 made this very easy, and in next to no time they where both done. 
I cut the panels in, and tried them for a fit.

I decided I was going to glue this up in stages, as I always find this way, the easiest to do with most glue ups. 

Once this had set, it was time for the second stage of gluing up, the plastic bags are there so I don’t glue it to my setting out bench. 

This is where it stood at the end of today, Its starting to look more like a fire surround now.

Just as I was locking the shop doors, a delivery driver turned up and dropped these off. That’s everything I need now to finish this, I can start putting the final details and mouldings on now.

Thanks for looking guys, I hope it’s of interest. 

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