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>Festool Boom Arm

>Just got this today, I already had the CTL 36, so it was just a matter of putting the boom arm together, and fixing it to the vac. I thought about making something that would do the same job, but don’t have time. It really was getting annoying tripping over, or standing on the hose, as well as standing on the cable which can’t be good for the connection. My domino nearly fell off my setting out bench last week, because I tripped on the hose and cable, I can’t have that in for repair right now, so I thought what the heck and ordered the boom arm……

Should help no end.

7 Responses on “>Festool Boom Arm

  1. Alviti says:

    >Festool stuff is so good but so expensive! I need to get some dust extraction sorted…

  2. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Very true, once you get your first its difficult to imagine buying any other brand, they are that good. The dust extraction on all my festool's is exceptional, and one of the main reasons I switched to them. The main culprit for dust in my shop is the router, and will be swapped over to a OF1400 as soon as funds allow.

  3. Paul-Marcel says:

    >Oh you'll love the boom arm, Mark! At first I thought it was a luxury, but the few times I have to work without it, I realize it's a necessity! (well, for my clumsy feet 🙂

    -sigh- I look at those nice brick walls and think they must stay nice and cool all year long… in Arizona, it's starting to get hot.

  4. Mark Rhodes says:

    >I'm very impressed with it so far Paul, I mistakenly thought it was expensive, how wrong could a guy be! Its worth every penny. As for the barn, its very nice to work in there this time of year, and summer. Come winter, it will be your turn to be smug:)

  5. Shanny says:

    >I wouldn't be too quick to swap to the OF1400. I have both the 1010 and the 1400, and while the the 1010 is a joy to use I've been finding the 1400 more difficult to love. It's a bit clumsy, a bit sticky and the dust collection is ok at best.

    Perhaps I just need to fettle it a bit, but you should definitely try before buying.

  6. Mark Rhodes says:

    >I'm surprised you don't get on with the OF1400, I have used one before and really liked it, but different people different ways I guess. I know a few people who have been so used to the two upright handles, they couldn't get on with the pistol grip.

  7. Shanny says:

    >Funnily enough I got used to the pistol grip really quickly, I like that bit. It's everything else about it, but to be honest it might be the case that I just don't care for larger routers unless they are hanging from a table…

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