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>Drawer problem.

>I have a small problem on the ash wardrobes I’m making, both of the robes are being fitted into alcoves, but one of these alcoves is 250mm(10″) smaller than the other. The wardrobes must both look the same from the front elevation, which means internally on the right hand one, there is an odd dog leg to fit a pair of drawers into.

Here you can see my drawer box dry fitted, the internal corner with exposed dovetail joinery, hand-cut of course.

And the finished drawer on Accuride runners, one fitted to the side as normal, the other fitted to the bottom of the drawer bottom. When fully extended there is a bit of play, so I’m going to fit another runner to the bottom.

Here you can see the under-mounted drawer runner, there is enough room to place another to the right of the existing.
I did think about having a normal drawer, and letting the drawer front sail over. But thought that that was a bit of a cop out, and decided on this course of action. As it turned out it only took perhaps a couple of hours longer, and the clients have an extra 1.5 cubic foot(approx) of storage. They also have some funky dovetails to look at when they open the drawer.
The drawer fronts on this wardrobe are joined together with a piece of face frame stock in the middle, this will look the same as the other wardrobe except for having two large drawers instead of four.

There is still a bit of cleaning up to do on these drawers and to make the bottom drawer front also, but they are more or less finished, thanks for looking.

6 Responses on “>Drawer problem.

  1. Jeff Branch says:

    >That is about the coolest looking drawer I have seen. Love the bevel on the front and nice job with the dovetails.

  2. Paul-Marcel says:

    >Definitely love the drawers! Also like the oddball dovetailed drawers. I have a project where I thought to make a couple drawers U-shaped to allow for some plumbing in the back. I thought I was crazy, but now I know I'm in good company 🙂

  3. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Thanks guys, the drawers turned out to be easier than I first thought, and came out nice. Funny thing is, I doubt the clients will notice, oh well:-)

  4. Darnell says:

    >That looks so cool, I want to make all my drawers that way. The dovetailed interior corner is a great detail that will reward only the most dedicated admirer. Great job!

  5. Anonymous says:

    >how did you fit the drawer bottoms? certainly you couldn't slide them into grooves with that odd shape.

  6. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Hi, they are grooved in as normal, and just pushed in from the side. Then the side is glued on, so you push into the odd corner first.

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