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>DJ Booth II.

>I’ve been making progress with the Oak DJ Booth, I think I had got as far as making the former, so it was time to form the curved corners.

I think the last time I did this kind of work was about 15yrs ago when I was working in the Netherlands fitting out luxury motor yachts, I was going to take some pictures of this process but needed to get a move on as the glue was setting up to fast. So I jumped right to the three layers of 8-3-8 mms of bendy ply seen here in my vac-bag.

With that in the former it was time to turn my attention to the area where the decks and mixer are going, my client wanted to have the decks flush with the top and the mixer on a raised and sloped pedestal. The back of this area needs to follow the curved corner, so I need to rout a top and a bottom shelf at the same time.  I have left these both over width so I can use my radius jig, and then just rip the screw hole off.
I then made another jig for the router so the deck holes could be cut out, here you can see them cut out and edged.  I have also cut some bearers in at 63mm plus the 19mm for the top, this makes 82mm, so the decks will come flush with the top.
You can see the mixer pedestal below.
This all needs to sit on a shelving unit for an amp, and record storage below. This needs a back in of course, but I have left that out until I have drilled all the holes I need for cables.
With the deck stand at the correct height I can now try the curved ends for a fit, its about 0.7mm out at the moment but with the layer of veneer it will be spot on.
And with both curved corners on.
Deck area.
Now because there is a chamfer detail on all intersections, I need to lip both edges on these corner forms before veneering.
With that done and trimmed off I need to get on with the veneering, which means I get to use my festool veneer trimmer.  Hmm could do with a new blade me thinks, but worked a treat and I did all twenty pieces in one cut.
So it was time to get it back in the bag.
Out of the bag and a quick check over for faults…none found I’m pleased to report.
2hrs later and a bit of scraping and sanding gets me to here.
Thats it for for now have a good weekend and thanks for looking. 

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