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>DJ Booth by Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes.

Oak DJ Booth by Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes.

Got this finished today, and it took about 2hrs to fit.  Heres some finished pictures…

I’ve enjoyed making this one, and can see me making more curved work in the future.  The Client was very happy, and wrote the following testimonial…
Quality workmanship and Amazing carpentry
When I first contacted Mark, I was unsure if he would be able to help me? I was after a DJ booth to be made and installed in to my new home. However, the words ‘if you can think it, I can make it’ caught my eye and I gave him a call. He arranged to come and have a chat with me and take measurements. When Mark arrived we discussed my needs and what I would like, he then set up a contract, computer image, payment schedule and date for installation. And that was it!! Next thing I know, he has somehow taken an image from my mind and made it a reality in my living room! All on time with no problems or hassle. I cannot stress how much I recommend Mark Rhodes!! Thanks Mark very very much!
Kevin Read.
Thanks for looking.

3 Responses on “>DJ Booth by Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes.

  1. Jeff Branch says:

    >Looks great! I especially like the photos of the interior of it. Nice work.

  2. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Thank you Jeff, I was going for a bare bones approach on the interior, kind of industrial looking. I was looking through your bed project the other day, I need to make one for my daughter next week and liked the way you did the top of the posts.

  3. Tim Raleigh says:

    >Looks great Mark!

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