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>DJ Booth by Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes.

DJ Booth by Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes.

I had an enquiry about a month ago for a curved DJ Booth, so I’m in the process of making it now and thought I would document the build. ¬†Here is the overall design..

As you can see the corners are curved, and the front and returns are made from solid oak with a chamfer detail at all the intersections.
First job was to make the former for the curved corners, and that starts with a piece of 9 mm mdf and a hole.
I then need to use my radius jig for the router, its a piece of timber with a couple of spare guide bars from an old router, housed in for my router to attach too.
Just a matter of putting a screw in the marked centre-line.
And placing that on my pattern board.
Attach the router to the radius jig and line up to the required radius.
Then cut.
I then ripped a load of what will become my ribs for the former, they are made from scraps which is why they are from different materials, I have numbered and and used the cabinet makers triangle to ensure they are in order.
Then its just a matter of rough cutting the ribs, screwing the template that I cut earlier to the rough rib and routing.
I’m using a pattern cutting bit in my router for this.
Which gets me to here, the board under the ribs will become the base to my former.
Its then a case of gluing and screwing the ribs to the base board.
Then I need to transfer the rib spacings to a piece of 8 mm bendy ply, and mark the centre.
Run glue over the ribs, pin the centre line and work my way to the edge
One former, about 5hrs work.
I then got on with machining the oak for the front and returns.
Thats as far as I’ve got today. ¬†Thanks for looking.

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