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>Busy Bee Today

>Took a bit of a break from cabinet making today, to pick up my new Bees.  Up until recently I was a bee-keeper with two hives to look after, however with the recent cold weather(it got down to -17 here) I lost both hives. So today, I had to go see my friend the bee-keeper, he’s going to retire as he lost all his hives bar one in the frosts too, and has generously given me his last hive. These are a nice calm strain of bees, so I’m over the moon.

Here they are all loaded up, ready to go. One hive and 10,000 bees ready to go.

I decided to insulate the hive this time, as a precaution. 

It was also time to make up some more frames, these come in kits with the wax in wire already.

You can just make out the wire in this frame.

Hopefully come May I can split this hive and have two again.
Photo Opportunity
It was also a chance to take a photo of the plate rack I made him recently. This is bow fronted in oak and the finish is fumed with Amonia to give it a darker appearance.

Back to cabinet making tomorrow with a little Traditionally veneered Rosewood jewellery box,
Thanks for looking.

4 Responses on “>Busy Bee Today

  1. Matt says:

    >Hi Mark.
    Great blog!
    Thats a bit of a worry about bees dying with the frost. Hopefully your new ones will reproduce sharpish and replenish the numbers.

  2. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Thanks Matty, it is definitely a big worry, no bees no food, and we both wouldn't like that. Hopefully as you said I should be able to make good this year, fingers crossed for a good summer hey.

    All the best


  3. Darnell says:

    >Hello Mark
    I am enjoying your blog this morning, and I got a thrill from this post. I grew up in a beekeeping family, apiculture was my first trade and one that took me to some surprising places. Good luck with your colonies, and if I can help in any way please let me know.


  4. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Thanks, I might well take you up on that offer Darnell.

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