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>Brown Oak Coffee Table.

>OK I thought I would start on my much needed coffee table, as my living room looks a bit stark without one at present, and we are using the floor to rest cups on (its only a matter of time before I spill coffee/tea on my new carpets). The timber for this table I have had for a while, perhaps five years, I bought it with a coffee table in mind, and now is the time to use it. It started as a waney edged board about 7′ long and about 20′ wide, so giving me enough for a 4′ long table top and four legs, plus some rails for underneath.

Cut the top to length.
I decided on showing all the faults to the top, and will deal with them in due course. I thought I would give the ends a bit of a rounded appearance, sort of like a gothic arch.
As you can see some of the splits are quite bad.
Now onto the base, I’m going for a kind of retro 60s/70s look, so have sloped the legs in from both aspects.
As you can see from the photo above, I didn’t have quite enough brown oak for the long rails, so these will either be stained to match or will be fumed with Ammonia.
There is a good chance that these will never be seen under the top, as I have set them in a bit.
Thats as far as I’ve got today, still need to ease all the edges to give a more rounded feel to the table, and I hope to update tomorrow. Thanks for looking. 

3 Responses on “>Brown Oak Coffee Table.

  1. Jeff Branch says:

    >Handsome, very nice wood. I would have knocked over the coffee.

  2. Paul-Marcel says:

    >Really like it, Mark! Would leaving the wane edge not look good? Obviously after removing the bark. Seems like the remaining wane would have a nice curve and feel to it.

    I see I'm behind on your blog; nice to see you posting again. Happy New Year!

  3. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Thanks guys, and happy new year to you both. I thought about leaving the wane on, and just knocking the bark of. But this still left some very sharp bits for my two year old to bump her head on, so I got a bit paranoid about that and thought round all the edges just in case.

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