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>Blanket Chest II

>Got all of the panels machined and glued up today, I’m still undecided as to have fielded panels on the inside, and carved panels at the front. Or to just have fielded panels on the outside, and flat panels on the inside. Hmm..really not sure, carved panels would add a lot of time, that a lot of clients might not want to pay for. But they would look nicer I think.

I did think about running all the grooves by hand, then I heard my spindle and power feed giggling in the other room at this rather foolish notion.


Anyway if I decide on carved panels, I can flip these round and carve the backs. But I might just glue the whole thing up like this, and not bother with the carving. I think it looks good as it is, and I’ve added a small stopped chamfer around the panels, I might carve these into a lambs tongue.

Got the top glued up as well, it has some ray fleck in, and some very big knots. I would normally cut around these, but it gives the top some visual interest.

As you can see the knots are quite big, but will look good when polished, and I kept the boards to a good 11″. I wanted the top to come from just two boards,  instead of lots of strips, which looks quite modern.

Thats as far as I got today, thanks for looking.

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