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>Blanket Chest Finished

>       I think I might keep this one, as the timber only cost £60, and has only took 20hrs so far . Oh and I really quite like it, It’s funny because I would say my taste is more contemporary, but this more traditional furniture is something that I’m liking more and more these days. Then again my daughter seems to go through clothes and shoes rather quickly at the moment, so if one of my clients wants it….

       Got most of this finished last night and today, made a start first with the ends, and its glue up time.

Then I glued the front rail sections up. I always try to glue everything up in small stages, this takes longer of course, but makes the final glue up a lot less of a rush.

Hmm… that’s not ideal, there must of been a small gap between the tenon and the mortice. This now means this panel is glued in one corner, so I had to free this up. This turned out to be easy, I just got my paint scraper down between the panel and the groove, and separated the glue line. Then a wide throated clamp on the panel, a quick whack, and its free. Poly certainly has no gap filling strength If this had been PVA, I don’t think I would of got away with it. 

Once it was all glued up, it was time to work out how to swing the lid. This was made a lot easier by watching  TJM videos, the whole process is very easy. Its a matter of easing the back edge, then drilling a 3/4 hole 3/4 in, and 3/4 down.

Making a 3/4 Oak dowel on my dowel jig.

Then line the bearers up and test fit.

I made the bearers with some cut outs.

This needs some kind of detail, as it looks odd at the moment, I’m undecided as yet but this is an easy fix.

The lid was catching, as the quarter round was planed by hand, and needed some more work.

All in all, I’m happy with the result, there are a few things still  left to do, like sand, sand, and more sanding. Also I’m not sure yet what I’m going to finish it with..wax perhaps or maybe some kind of oil?

I think I might make the bottom from cedar. 

Detail of the bearer and dowel set up.

Anyone have any ideas on a finish, feel free to make suggestions. Thanks for looking, have a good weekend.

2 Responses on “>Blanket Chest Finished

  1. Alex Comes says:

    >Really looking good. I wish I had a little of your speed–things take me forever.

    I've done my share of spraying lacquer, but in my home woodshop I can't do that. I came across a brand of oil called Tried-and-True. I've been really happy with it. Just me, but I like the ease of application. No turbine, no hoses, no mask. Naturally it's not as fast as spraying–one of those trade offs.


  2. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Thanks Alex, I will check out the tried-and-true oil you linked to, cheers. I have a feeling we have a similar product over here called Hard wax oil, which would be ideal for this.

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