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Bathroom Cabinets and other recent Furniture.

Bathroom cabinets.

Its been a while, I seem to be writing again…But here are a few recently finished pieces.

A small bathroom cabinet in Sycamore and Golden Madrone, with a dovetailed case.  The Golden Madrone really is a nice contrast to the Sycamore, and the simple turned knobs that are made from spalted Sycamore compliment the Madrone nicely.

Another bathroom cabinet in European white ash, and figured walnut.  This is actually for myself, and I found the figured walnut Veneer in between two pieces of plywood in my grandfathers store. It looked like it had been there for at least forty years, and was so buckled that I didn’t think I would ever get it flat.  A solution of glycerin and water followed by an overnight stay in the press soon tamed it to be more supple, and suitable for gluing to a substrate in the morning.
A large painted bookcase, made for a client in the village of Aldborough where my workshop is based.  This was a nice one for me, it was made for a friend of a friend through a recommendation.  They needed cupboards below for toy storage, and adjustable bookshelves above this.  This will become one of a pair at a later date, when the client purchases a new TV, so this can be incorporated.
Lastly an Oak shaker sideboard, with Bocote knobs.  Made for an existing client from Cley in North Norfolk, I like the proportions of this piece, the clients were very happy, and I’m pleased with this piece too.
No work in progress pictures I’m afraid, but I’m making a curved Oak DJ Booth next which I will be doing a full write up on. Thanks for looking.


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  1. Lovely cabinets Mark, the contrasting wood has just the right balance, top marks!

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