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>Ash Wardrobes Finished.

>Just got the pair of European Ash wardrobes fitted and finished today. The clients were very happy and have asked me to quote for other work, and have recommended me to some of their friends. Anyway here’s a few pic’s…

Unfortunately you can’t really see the large field I applied to the door panel and drawer fronts, It was very bright in there with a large window behind me when I took the snaps. So you will have to take my word that they look good…… Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend guys 🙂

2 Responses on “>Ash Wardrobes Finished.

  1. Jeff Branch says:

    >Man you crank out the work. I was surprised to see these finished so soon. They look great.

  2. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Thanks Jeff, total time was 90hrs to make, finish, and fit.

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