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Ash Bedroom

Ash Bedroom

Just finished the last piece for the ash bedroom suite, here’s a few pictures of the desk in the workshop ready to be loaded and delivered.  Luckily I will have Luke with me today, because this desk weighs rather a lot, and it’s going upstairs.

I decided against bracket feet in the end, I think it looks at lot nicer without.  Unlike a lot of antique kneehole desks that are very fussy and are over adorned.
There is an optical illusion with the second drawer, the grain makes the drawer front appear tapered.


I’ve used the Bocote(mexican rosewood) again for this.


  Me and Luke were both glad when we had finally put this one down for the last time, it weighs a ton.   As you can see from the following photo’s, Fiddes Hard Wax Oil doesn’t yellow the Ash like a spray finish, and leaves it a lovely creamy white colour.
Finally got round to getting a picture of the window seat I made a couple of weeks ago.
The whole lot together, including the little bookshelves.
I’m very happy with how its all turned out, and the clients were very happy too.  Thanks for looking.

4 Responses on “Ash Bedroom

  1. Alviti says:

    >I love that middle drawer! I hate when you've got a peice of wood that throws your eye out and you have to prove to people it's right!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >That looks lovely, Mark. The handles are particularly nice.

    Cheers 😉

    Paul Chapman

  3. Jeff says:

    >Fantastic. I too like the knobs. I also like the way the grain on the drawer faces flow across the front.

  4. Mark Rhodes says:

    >Thanks guys, the drawer front made me re-measure a couple of times.

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